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Haynes Plumbing is a 25 year old plumbing and heating contractor serving the Prince Georges County, Montgomery Count, and Anne Arundel County in Maryland and the entire Washington, DC area.

Haynes Plumbing offers services such as hot water heater replacement, bathroom remodeling, new sinks, new toilets, new faucets, clogged drains, sump pumps and emergency backup systems, pumping & repair, drain cleaning, leaking faucets and toilet repair, sewer, drain cleaning, home improvements, handyman services, power washing, seal coating and more.

Haynes Plumbing has been providing quality repair replacement work for homeowners in the communities of all of Prince Georges County, Maryland and all of Washington DC

Our customers needs are our number one priority and we know sometimes things occur after or before business hours, so we are available 7 days a week.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Licensed Plumber Maryland
• Licensed Home Improvement
• Licensed Plumber District of Columbia (Wash., DC)
• Licensed Gas District of Columbia (Wash., DC)
• Licensed Gas Maryland

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We Specialize In:

  • Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Service
  • Emergency Pipe Leak, Basement & Flood
  • Toilet Leaks, Repairs or Replacement
  • Ceiling Pipe Leak
  • Underground Plumbing Repair
  • Underground Leak Repair
  • Drain Stoppage
  • Frozen Pipes, Bathroom Remodeling
  • Showers & Bathtubs
  • Sink & Toilet Replacement
  • Tile Replacement
  • Drywall Repairs

How to Find a Reliable Washington Plumber

At some point in time every Washington homeowner is going to need a plumber. The convenience of plumbing can become a nightmare without proper up-keep. A simple dripping faucet or tiny leak in an ignored pipe can bring devastating and costly results.

Many plumbing issues are quick fixes and with just a little know-how there are a few common repairs that can be accomplished with ease, but it it’s important to know when a professional Washington plumber is needed. While plumbing isn’t necessarily difficult, much of it is beyond the abilities and knowledge of the average homeowner and a botched job can end up costing you way more than if you had called an experienced plumber in the first place.

Use care when selecting a Washington plumber to work in your home as with all things, there are good and bad out there. Of course an emergency will limit your ability to be selective. Waiting for that plumbing emergency is not wise, but these things happen and sometimes you just have no choice in the matter. Establishing a relationship of sorts with a good Washington plumber before you really need one is a good idea.

Tracking Down the Perfect Washington Plumber

You’ll have the time to shop around for a good Washington plumber if you are planning a project ahead. You will find that many plumbers specifically work on new construction/remodeling jobs or they are geared toward commercial work so you’ll need to weed through these to find the one that suits your needs. You’ll want to find a Washington plumber that does residential repairs and remodeling if you are remodeling your home. You’ll have a plumber that is able to trouble-shoot and repair any problems with ease when he is familiar with your systems.

Asking friends, family and trusted neighbors for their recommendations is the best route to choosing a Washington plumber. Real estate agents and local home contractors are another valuable source in locating a capable plumber. These businesses are generally familiar with plumbers during home sales, new construction or remodeling jobs. They have the best information as to the availability and reliability of a Washington plumber.

Local: 202-250-3774

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We have used Haynes Plumbing for years, they are very professional and honest.
Cathy M.
Haynes Plumbing has done plumbing and dry wall jobs for us and we are very pleased with the work.
Dawn P.